Rouvy Spring Classics 2022

The virtual cycling world was given excitement as the Rouvy Spring Classics 2022 was announced. This unique series of five races brought the rich heritage of European road racing to the digital realm, allowing cyclists from around the globe to experience the thrill and challenge of the real ‘Spring Classics’. We are happy to have played a role in ensuring the success and engagement of this virtual cycling extravaganza.

Augmented Reality routes

To provide a realistic and immersive cycling experience, five routes spanning 30 to 40 kilometers were developed, perfectly tailored for online races. With three different time zones available (Europe, USA, and Asia), riders from all corners of the world could participate at a time convenient for them. The races, beginning at 19:00 CET for the EU zone, welcomed not only avid cyclists but also fitness enthusiasts, inviting them to test their mettle in these legendary one-day races.

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An exciting offline and online experience

The races were brought to life through captivating live-streaming across multiple channels. To make this event feel even more real it was decided to have an offline event in Ghent featuring participants in the studio, live commentary, and a different guest co-commentator for each race. The lively atmosphere of the esports center, coupled with the enthusiastic live audience, enhanced the thrill and energy of the virtual races.


In the realm of virtual cycling, the Rouvy Spring Classics 2022 achieved unparalleled success. The spirit of the Spring Classics came alive, captivating cyclists worldwide. Meticulously designed routes, immersive videos, and the dynamic broadcast experience in Ghent’s Esports Center left an indelible mark on the virtual cycling landscape. Together, these sponsors empowered riders to embrace the legacy of the Spring Classics like never before. As the virtual races concluded, we can be proud of our contribution to an unforgettable cycling experience.