Mafia III Press Release

The quest for the perfect location led us to a remarkable aged mansion nestled in the heart of Amsterdam. Its authentic and captivating appearance perfectly complemented the Mafia III theme, providing a backdrop that truly transported guests into the game’s world. The historical charm of the mansion created an immersive atmosphere from the moment attendees arrived. The attention to detail was evident in the thoroughly curated decorations that adorned the venue. Striking portraits of the game’s characters, money suitcases, and other thematic elements brought the Mafia III universe to life, ensuring that attendees were fully immersed in the game’s narrative. Every aspect of the event was carefully considered to create a cohesive and memorable experience.To further enhance the immersive ambiance, we extended the thematic approach to the catering as well. The thoughtfully curated menu featured club sandwiches, burgers, and spareribs that perfectly aligned with the game’s atmosphere. The culinary offerings seamlessly integrated with the event’s theme, further enhancing the overall experience for attendees.

Immersive Gaming Experience

Guests had the opportunity to engage with the Mafia III gameplay through game stations placed throughout the venue. This allowed them to delve into the captivating storyline and experience the gameplay mechanics firsthand. The immersive atmosphere and attention to detail left attendees eagerly anticipating the game’s release.

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A testimony

D.D.B, PR Manager BeNeLux for 2K International, has a unique perspective on our expertise, having previously worked as a gaming journalist and attending one of their previous press release events. D.D.B stated, “Mafia III is an important title for 2K, therefore we wanted to work with a specialized partner for this preview event. I immediately thought of We Are Esports and do not regret that. The team came up with lots of fun ideas, found the perfect venue, and delivered a flawless event. Every detail matched. I almost felt otiose, which is a huge compliment. I look back at this cooperation with a lot of satisfaction.”

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